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    **** Email for area rug pricing ****
    If in the Pittsburgh area, I'd be happy to show you samples in person.

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    **** Email for area rug pricing ****

      PopularPittsburgh.com offers images of our great city
    enabling you to give unique, personalized gifts.

    create & buy custom products at Zazzle

      The Butler Art Center is ALWAYS seeking new artists!
    All artwork must be original and all media is accepted, including
    oil/acrylic, watercolors, photography, sculpture, pencil, pastel/charcoal,
    clay, fiber arts, mixed media, fashion, etc.
    To apply for a solo or group show, email for information.

    Spirit Cafe Friday Night Performances
    Located in The Art Center from 7 - 9pm at 344 South Main Street in Butler
    Come to the Spirit Cafe Friday Night Performance Series to listen to poetry, stories and bands.
    Bring your stories and music too! The Spirit Cafe is looking for performance artists / acts.
    Email for information or call 724-283-6922.

    Many thanks to Alberto and Sarah, as well as
    the artists and performers for making this a very unique and memorable event.

    The SYNERGY Fashion Show and Multi-Media event was a smashing success!
    Many thanks to Kari Kramer, Marissa Miskanin, Ginny Phillips and Kari Kreke for involving me in such a remarkable night.
    Also, special thanks to Johnross and The Meter Room. Couldn't have asked for a better venue.
    Please check out his site. THE METER ROOM


      A few works not featured in the gallery pages:
    Soylent Omelet
    The Origin of Thought (Original sold)
    The Spire
    Journey Home
    Soul Outlet (Original sold)
    Preternatural Tranquility

      Photoshop tutoring and graphic design services:

      Artists who inspire organicgraphite:
    Alex Grey - responsible for the album art on Tool's Lateralus.
    Steve Tobin - is there anything this man can't do?
    Zdzislaw Beksinski - thanks to Mark Bogacki for bringing this amazing artist to my attention.
    Thomas C. Yarbrough - Jesse Zito just introduced me - click the Original Artwork tab!
    Steve Smith - His Dream Matter is a wonderful, smokey world, sure to ignite your imagination!

      Jesse is listed in the following online art organizations:

    The Saatchi Gallery Contemporary art in London

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